Creating and Broadcasting a Live Presentation is Easy!

Upload Slides or PowerPoint Files

Using your slides with CrowdPresenter is easy! Simply upload your slides in JPG, GIF or PNG formats. If you like, you can also upload entire PowerPoint® presentations and CrowdPresenter will automatically add all of the slides and presenter notes they contain! (corporate level subscription)

Create and Manage Your Slide Library

You can manage a complete library of slides for your presentations. Assign topics (or "tags") to each slide to make it easy to manage. You can also share slides with others in your company and utilize compliance features such as auto-expiring slides, auto-updating slides and more (corporate level subscription).

Organize Your Slide Library

You can create any number of custom topics (or "tags") for your slide library. Each slide can be assigned to one or more topics.

Manage Your Presentations

Assemble your presentations from your slide library and save them to your presentation library. From there you can update them, delete them, or launch them as a live presentation! Options for live presentations include single-screen or multi-screen (with advanced console), and you can broadcast your presentation live to any number of people around the globe.

Invite Attendees

After preparing your presentation, schedule an event and invite attendees. Presentation invitations are emailed to your invitees automatically, and can include a conference telephone number and pin for remote presentations. Invitees are saved to your library and can be invited to other presentations without the need to retype them.

Give Your Presentation

There are 3 presentation modes available:
  • Single-screen - Use a laptop to present locally, with or without a connected projector
  • Multi-screen - Control presentation with an advanced presentation controller on your device (e.g., phone, tablet, or laptop) attendees view on a separate device. Great for remote presentations! If you'd like to present live audio to attendees in other locations, check out services such as,, or
  • Self-directed - Link audio clips to your presentation and generate a URL to send to your audience. Attendees access the presentation on their own and listen to the recorded narration as they advance through the presentation. Great for training scenarios!